Andrew Tullos on The VU Backstage

Hey y’all!

Andrew Tullos rocks the bandana, don't you agree?

Andrew Tullos rocks the bandana, don’t you agree?

Callie McFee has been the behind-the-scenes MVP of The VU Backstage this semester.  On occasions when Vanderbilt’s community of student musicians has been unable to provide us with a guest, she’s gone fishing in the Belmont pool and come up with gems almost immediately.  Last night was no exception.  Andrew Tullos was charming, authentic, and a great storyteller–not to mention a fabulous singer/songwriter.  Check out the full episode below to hear us talk about his favorite English word, his upcoming Best of the Best Showcase performance, and his love for Springsteen, among other things.  And of course you’ll get to hear five of his best songs!

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Julia Seales on The VU Backstage

Julia Seales brought us back from spring break with a great hour of music and talk.

Julia Seales brought us back from spring break with a great hour of music and talk.

We’re back, folks!  I spent spring break in London seeing the city’s historic sites, learning about Harry Potter and other British children’s literature, and having a jolly good time with some close friends.  But as fun as that all was, I was licking my chops to get back in the WRVU studio last night.  It’s the best way to end one week and begin another, an entertaining and enlivening conversation with a creative mind.

This time the creative mind on the air was Julia Seales, who brings her music to the arena of video production–many of her songs were written for her web series University Ever After.  We chatted about the impact of improv comedy upon her writing, her fantasy and fairy tale influences, and her skill as a harpist, among other fascinating topics.  Catch the full episode below!

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Ryan Stowe on The VU Backstage

I don't think we could have dressed more disparately.

I don’t think we could have dressed more disparately.

Last night was one of the liveliest shows I can remember hosting–and a good thing, too, because we won’t be on the air again until March 15th.  Among the topics Ryan Stowe and I discussed were the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highways project, the nascent rock scene in his native Houston, and the summer recording plans of his band, Mile 26.  Check out the full episode below!




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Brad Faskowitz on The VU Backstage

Good morning to everyone around the world, and good snow day to everyone in Nashville!  It may not be a blizzard dropping a foot of snow, but around Music City a good half-inch of wintry mix is enough to shut everything down.

What better way to warm your icy bones than listening to a great episode of The VU Backstage?  We had Brad Faskowitz on the show last night, and in his first interview and recording session ever, he absolutely amazed.  Check out the full episode here.

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Curtis Mercury–“Passin’ Me By”

For the first time all semester, we didn’t need to utilize the RVU Records studio for this week’s recording.  Curtis Mercury was able to dominate the mic in the broadcast room, and our amazing videographer Tony Xiao was there to catch his performance on camera.  Check out Curtis’ performance of “Passin’ Me By,” complete with an explanation about the song’s inspiration as the beat fades out.

Curtis Mercury on The VU Backstage

It’s about time we had a rapper on The VU Backstage.

Curtis Mercury spit some great lines last night on the show.

Curtis Mercury spit some great lines last night on the show.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge hip-hop scene at Vanderbilt, or in Nashville on the whole.  Though Vanderbilt Spoken Word attracts many poets and draws large crowds to its performances, it seems there’s a disconnect between lyricists and producers on campus.  Fortunately, however, we were able to procure a talented rapper for last night’s show, one who’s self-produced most of his material.  Curtis Mercury tore it up on the airwaves.




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The Hart Strings–“Pocket”

This song was untitled when The Hart Strings played it on The VU Backstage this past Sunday.  All the same, it had me dancing behind the studio mic.  It’s a great indicator of where this rising band’s sound is proceeding; once staunch adherents to the Americana folk genre, the newly minted quintet is experimenting with more rock-based arrangements.  “Pockets,” though, has elements of jazz that give it a classy sheen on top of its insanely catchy melodies–and now it has a title.  Check out our video of the performance!