Kenny and the Swordfish on The VU Backstage

Hey everybody,

It’s was a busy week, and so I apologize for not being able to write anything about the #vandymusicscene or music in general.  Prepping for a weekend on the Gulf Coast will do that. Luckily, though, I was able to make it back in time for last night’s show so that DJ Nick wouldn’t be lonely behind the mic.  Also, it wouldn’t have been nice of me to ditch, since Kenny and the Swordfish frontman Nate Smith is my water polo teammate and a good friend, and I wouldn’t have wanted to set his band up for an appearance on The VU Backstage and summarily disappear for the show.

The music, naturally, was awesome.  Nate does a great job of incorporating the trumpet and bongos into their sets, and even though his voice was raspy from a hard-rocking performance on Saturday night he still sounded good.  The cohesion between Kenny Carlsen on guitar and David Saunders on bass was fantastic as well…I’d love to see how it works when they play electric (if you want to see, check out Kenny and the Swordfish’s album, Deep Sea Fishing, on Bandcamp).  Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented drummer Joe Boyd from joining us by phone, but the conversation was entertaining nonetheless.  Check out the full show here.

Anyways, after the show, I walked over to The End, a venue on Elliston Place, for a gig featuring some of today’s best bass players.  I play bass myself, and it was awe-inspiring to see what a guy like Evan Brewer of The Faceless can do with a five-string bass and some backing tracks on a laptop.  The highlight of my night, however, was seeing Trioscapes close out the show.  Trioscapes is basically what King Crimson would be if they formed today; they fuse jazz with prog rock and metal to create a sound unlike anything you’d expect out of just a saxophone, a bass, and a drum set.  Most importantly, their bass player, Dan Briggs, is my favorite bassist and also plays bass for Between the Buried and Me, one of my five favorite bands.  Because it was a small venue, I got the chance to talk to him before and after the show, and it was amazing how down-to-earth and personable he is.  It’s always cool to meet someone famous, and even cooler if you view them as a role model.

Casually chillin' with my bass idol.

Casually chillin’ with my bass idol.

That’s it for now.  Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and tune in next week!

-DJ Zach

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